Top 4 Benefits of Combining Email Marketing with SMS

1. Email marketing and SMS are entirely permission-based.

Email marketing and SMS approach offers a personalized solution to interact with the right audience. Those who opt in are interested in what you have to say, making them perfect prospects. SMS and email marketing come with a guarantee your end audience already knows the basics of your brand. Communications for these mediums have more real estate for you to build your brand and story. Even short missives, when done well, can increase consumer sentiment and boost your company’s image among fans.

2. Customer data and list growth can be shared between the two.

As you grow your email marketing program, you have the opportunity to test and learn what type of content drives engagement and conversion. Over time, you’ll be able to gain insight into your subscriber behaviors and interests to boost both email and SMS success.

You can then take the subscriber list and accompanying insights from your email campaigns to get your SMS marketing off to a good start. You can complement the launch of your text message campaigns with an email blast that asks subscribers for their phone numbers (and consent). Your SMS success can help optimize future email marketing as well. When you offer good incentives for SMS sign-up, you can expand your reach beyond your base of email subscribers.

3. Reach more customers with multiple messaging channels.

Some customers never want another sales email in their inbox again. Others would hate if their phone buzzed with a text from a store they ordered from once. As with any campaign, the best way to keep every customer happy is by tracking open and response rates then segmenting your audience by messaging preferences.

4. You can use SMS for quick responses.

The average text message is responded to within 90 seconds. So, whatever the offer, when you want instant results, combining email marketing with SMS is more effective than relying on email messages alone. Text messages allow more characters than an email subject line, yet, as long as there’s no need to scroll, most recipients will instinctually read it. Keep your SMS messages to 160 characters, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Email and text messages can be chained in either direction, depending on your goal.


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