B2B marketing tactic β„–3

πŸ“Œ Use B2B Advertising

πŸ’΅ Paid advertising should be part of your B2B marketing strategy. If done correctly, paid B2B marketing services can generate significant ROI for your business.

πŸ‘‡There are several platforms where your company can advertise effectively. They include:

πŸ‘‰Websites and industry publications

πŸ‘‰Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

πŸ‘‰Retargeting – cookie-based tech that uses a JavaScript code to anonymously β€œfollow” your target audience across the web and serve them relevant ads

☝️That said, it’s crucial to use advertising platforms best suited to B2B businesses. For example, LinkedIn, retargeting, and other industry-specific advertising are the most effective since they enable you to directly target relevant industry audiences, resulting in more conversions and higher click-through rates.

So, a well-designed PPC advertising campaign can help you save a significant amount of money as the value of each click from potential customers exceeds the cost of the click paid to a publisher.πŸ”₯


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