Email Blast Tips

☝️There are several email blast best practices that you must observe if you want to reach out to your target audience efficiently. Here are some tips you can take:

📆 Best day to send Email Blast: For a successful email marketing campaign, timing is of the essence. That means picking the right time of day to send your emails.

The best day to send an email blast is Tuesday or Thursday outside the rush hours. Also, the frequency of the email matters.

👀Craft attractive subject lines: When writing a subject line, ensure it represents the content while pushing the recipient to open the email. A good subject line should have 30 to 50 characters at most.

👊 Clear CTA: What do you expect from your recipients once they have read the emails? Once you have established what you want, create a clear call to action.

📝 Have conspicuous lead content: Lead content relates to the subject line. Place the lead content at the top of the email to avoid confusion.

🖼 Use images: Using text alone can create monotony and bore your readers before reading the email. So, use images to make the email attractive and prevent the email from coming out as spam. The trick is to create the perfect balance between images and text.

📲 Optimize for mobile: Over 50% of emails are accessed on mobile phones. So, make your email blasts mobile-responsive to reach out to this segment of the audience.


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