Email lead generation tactic #1

Let’s look at one important email lead generation tactic you can use to continue generating leads for your business:

📌 Optimize Efforts With Lead Scoring

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could determine the intent of your leads right off the bat? 🤔 An effective way of doing this would be optimizing your efforts with lead scoring.

🔝 Lead scoring is a tactic that marketing teams use to determine which prospects are most valuable to their business in their current sales funnel.

The aspects you use to score your leads can vary depending on your buyer personas and business needs. They can include:

– Email engagement;

– Prospect demographics;

– Website visits;

– Social media activity;

– Company details.

☝️ One way of using lead scoring in your marketing efforts is email automation. For example, if a potential customer has already viewed a specific product on your website, you’re more likely to convert them with an email offering them a 30% discount on that product.

👍 If the visitor isn’t on your email list, you can use that as an opportunity to sign them by displaying an exit intent popup as they leave the product page.


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