Email lead generation tactic #8

📌Split Test to Increase Open and Click-Through Rates

❗️ The most effective email marketing campaigns incorporate a high level of creativity, but they also rely on data and testing to ensure they succeed.

With split testing, you can eliminate guesswork from your email marketing campaigns. You can do this by testing specific aspects with a small group of recipients (Group A and B), then send the best-performing campaign to the rest of your audience.

👍Split testing is also a quick way to maximize your open and click-through rates since you’ll be sending the best-performing emails to your subscribers.

For example, a video game company optimized its conversion rates using split test results. Using heatmaps, they found out that the “buy now” page was not performing well.

They then simplified the whole buying process by reducing the page’s scrolling alignments in the variant. As a result, lead generation rates increased by 12%.🔥

👇The most defining elements in split testing are:

– Content;

– Subject line;

– Call to action;

– Time of day and week;

– Personalization.

👌Once you choose the elements to test, you can use the A/B testing tools in your email marketing software to start doing the test.


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