Email lead generation tactics #4 and #5

📌 Always Use a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Whether you want your prospects to share a blog post on their social channels or complete an opt-in form, it all depends on how you nudge them to do it. Your emails should have a clear and compelling CTA that readers can easily act on.

To do this, use creative and persuasive language that will grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to take action.

👇 Here are a few ideas to help you get more people to click on your CTAs:

– Start your CTA with a solid command verb;

– Use words that evoke emotion or excitement;

– Give your audience a reason they should take your desired action;

– Take advantage of the fear of missing out (FOMO).

📌 Use Gated Content and Content Upgrades

Gated content is online content that you can only access after providing your contact information.

The content could be anything: videos, articles, white papers. The form itself may only ask for your email address, or include other personal info such as your name or phone number in exchange for access. Gated content is effective because it incentivizes lead generation.

Typically, visitors will find their way to your site via a blog post they found on the internet. If that blog post convinces them that you’re a credible source, they may want to hear more from you. And you can give yourself another stream of valuable leads by designing an attractive gated content offering.

👍 One example of effective gated content is using content upgrades, which upgrade the content your readers are already viewing.

☝️ Content upgrades are effective since they’re contextual and relevant without being invasive. So the reader’s interest is established, making them more likely to convert.


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