Email lead generation tactics #9 and #10

📌 Provide Valuable Content

Valuable content always wins when it comes to the marketing mix. 🤔 In fact, 70% of people would rather learn about a business through articles than advertisements.

However, top-quality content demands a commitment of resources and time.

A small mistake can result in your prospects unsubscribing from your mailing list. Worse, if you’re perceived as too spammy, users may blacklist your email address, resulting in all your emails ending up in spam folders.

👇That said, here are four important aspects of creating, delivering, and promoting valuable content:

– Target your audience’s needs;

– Be authentic;

– Remain consistent;

– Incorporate your content into various distribution channels.

📌 Incentivize Referrals From Current Subscribers

An ideal way to generate more leads is having your existing subscribers refer customers to you. According to the Edelman 2020 Report, 39% of people build trust in a brand through peer-to-peer conversations.🔥

🎁 Offer enticing rewards to incentivize your current customers to refer their family and friends to your email list. You can also offer free products to consumers to share with their loved ones to build brand awareness and loyalty organically.

However, ensure that your offering is worthwhile, and your subscribers will gladly recommend your email list to their family and friends.


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