Email Notification Tips

🤔 Every marketer wants their email notification endeavors to yield wonderful returns. While that’s very okay, you must be willing to put in the maximum effort by guaranteeing timely message delivery, readable and interactive content, and a clickable, swift, and precise CTA.

👇 Here are some helpful email notification tips:

📌Focus on Subject Lines

The email subject line is the first thing your customer sees in an email notification. It conveys the essence of the message even before the customer gets to read it. The subject line should grab a user’s attention instantly. For example, “Suspect Account Login” alerts the user to the likelihood of a breach in their account security.

📌 Add Clear CTA

A sound email notification should have a clear call-to-action related to the email’s main idea. Anything contrary can leave your subscribers confused and distracted. For example, your CTA could be “Answer the Comment” or “Join the Conversation.”

📌 Use Personalized Text

Want to build loyalty and trust among subscribers? Invest in email personalization. Regardless of your product, you can personalize the subject line and create varied content for subscribers based on their gender. The idea is to create a message that resonates with everyone.

📌 Send Immediately

Email notification revolves around instant messaging and action. It tells customers that there’s a swift change they might want to know about instantly — your messaging must be immediate.

For example, when using email notifications to inform users about technical issues in your website, make it immediate — use power words like avoid, alarming, etc. that instantly prepare them for possible downtime.


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