Email Vs. Push Notifications

📩Before discussing the many differences between both notifications, know this – email and push notifications allow you to send instant messages simultaneously to multiple subscribers. But they don’t serve the same purpose.

🔔 In general, email notification implies sharing content with consumers without requiring further action. On the other hand, push notifications act as a ‘middle man’, always trying to get users to click on your CTA.

So let’s compare.

📌 Tolerance Threshold

Email notifications have a high tolerance threshold, even for inactive subscribers.

That means certain subscribers who receive regular emails from your brand might ignore or delete your emails but wouldn’t unsubscribe—giving you an opportunity to retain and re-engage a cold audience.

On the other hand, web push notifications have a significantly lower tolerance threshold. Many users unsubscribe from push notifications the second it gets on their nerve.

📌 Length

You can write as much as you like in an email notification and, if needed, include images.

Push notifications have limitations in length depending on the devices and browsers used. You’re limited to 50 characters for titles, 125 characters for the body text, and one image.

📌A/B Test

When running A/B tests with push notifications, you’ll encounter minimal variables. So polishing web push notifications is easier because of the little content.

An email notification is hard work to polish due to too much content.


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