LinkedIn B2B Marketing

📌 Leverage LinkedIn to Connect With Multiple Decision Makers

🔥LinkedIn has quickly grown from a small professional networking website to a massive global force. And marketers have been trying to capitalize on LinkedIn’s ability to connect with key decision-makers in a professional setting.

Every B2B marketing team should be using LinkedIn to reach their audience and drive leads. That’s because LinkedIn is responsible for 97% of a business’s social media leads.🤝

That said, how do you leverage LinkedIn in the best way possible? Here are four tips to help you do that:

👉 Structure your business page to lead to a conversion action such as a click-through to your website.

👉 Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to identify the exact type of people you’re targeting.

👉 Search for your niche groups, join them and be active.

👉 Publish quality content to turn your strategy from outbound marketing — drawing attention through ads — to inbound marketing, where you attract users interested in what you have to offer.


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