What is an Email Blast?

☝️ An email blast is an email message that is sent to a whole email list or many email lists all at once.

These email blasts target all contacts primarily in a mailing list, making these email blast campaigns have a broad reach.

📩 Here are some reasons why marketers have a bad opinion about email blasts:

👉Emails are sent to as many people as possible, no matter if the sender had the right permissions;

👉 Emails are usually not part of a broader strategy aimed to build a long-term relationship with the customers;

👉 It usually doesn’t matter who is on the receiving ends; what matters is the number of clicks.

🤔 Email Blasts Vs. Email Campaigns

Theoretically, email blasts are:

👉Email sent to the entire email list;

👉Not segmented and personalized;

👉Timing: sent at the same time, no matter where the readers are located.

Email campaigns may be:

👉Sent to target audiences,

👉Personalized to reflect the subscribers’ needs,

👉Sent according to the recipients’ time zone and according to their past behavior.

Blast emails can sometimes be highly irrelevant and useless to the recipients. As we all know, having a great relationship with subscribers is by giving value to them.

Due to some reason, the email recipients may mark the email as spam and finally unsubscribe from the list.😢


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