What is an Email Subject Line anyways?

Your email’s subject line is the one-liner text that appears (usually in bold) inside your recipient’s inbox. Think of your email subject line as the introduction to your email, the title of your book, or the main headline of your landing page.

Your sender name is the “From” name that appears to the display’s left (or top if viewing on mobile).

The Snippet text is optional, also referred to as the second subject line or email preheader. However, it engages the email subject line’s context and provides additional information that may persuade the recipient to open the mail.

❓☝️Why is Getting the Email Subject Line Right so Important?

69% of email recipients report emails as spam after reading the subject line. (Invesp, 2021)

Research reveals that 33% of email recipients open emails because of catchy subject lines. (OptinMonster, 2020)

64% decide to open emails based on subject lines. (Barilliance, 2021)

📩 The only way for your email message to generate revenue is if people click the link inside it. This will happen after your subscribers have read the email. Only when an email is opened will it be read.

All the effort you put into writing that email and scheduling that campaign ideally has meaning only when the email gets clicked and opened.

❗️So, your only goal, to begin with, would be to get your subscribers to open your emails. And your email subject line is the most significant factor influencing opens.

📌 Some reasons why you should spend some time getting your email subject lines right:

👉 Get more opens

👉 Gain more inbox landings (a good subject line reduces chances of being marked spam)

👉 More engagement increased sales and revenue


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