What is Email Notification?

An email notification is any email businesses use to inform subscribers about updates or changes to a service or website. The primary goal of an email notification is to inform, not promote.

📩 You can send email notifications about terms of service changes, possible security breaches, welcome messages, social media engagement, etc.

🤔Why should I send email notifications?

From banks to SaaS businesses, small eCommerce stores, and fortune 500 companies, almost every functional enterprise sends an email notification. If you’re wondering whether or not to join the bandwagon, you might want to read on!

📌 Customer Retention

Customer retention is simply your ability to retain a customer over a specified period. Thankfully, email notification promotes customer retention. It increases the customer’s lifetime value and boosts revenue.

An email notification also creates room for customer loyalty. Simply put, once you can retain customers with timely information, they will easily influence consumers in their circles to buy from you.

📌 Updated & Informed Customers

Consumers love it when they’re in the know. They love being the first to learn about new products and services and appreciate it when you go the extra mile to keep them informed.

Email notification allows you to constantly and consistently keep customers informed and updated about exciting features, new products, service changes, etc.


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