Why Emails Don’t Get Delivered?

Nothing is more frustrating to email marketers than finding out that their emails landed in the recipient’s spam folder.😢

If your message wasn’t delivered, it probably bounced. If it was delivered, the issue could be that the message ended up in spam. Since the bulk folder is rarely looked at, it’s easy to assume it wasn’t even delivered.

🤔 Some reasons why emails don’t get delivered and what to do with it:

👉Marked as spam

If you bombard recipients with promotions, send generalized content that’s irrelevant to them, or make the content about your business rather than the customers, chances are that they’ll mark you as spam. This earns your emails a straight ticket to the dreaded spam folder.

👉 Personalize email content

One common mistake email marketers make is sending the same content to their entire email list. No customer appreciates a copy-paste, generalized, bland, and boring email. Instead, personalize your messages such that it meets the interests and preferences of the customer.

👉 Authenticate your emails

Email authentication allows the ISP to confirm the identity of the sender and allows them to protect their domain from email spoofing and phishing attacks.

👉 Poor content and design

Your email content can go a long way when it comes to email deliverability. ISPs and spam filters look for characteristics in your email content such as the layout, code, design, and number of links, which can make or break your deliverability.

👉 Verified email list

It is highly recommended to use an email verification tool to regularly update your email list so that it yields only legitimate email addresses. Verifying beforehand is good email hygiene and means your campaigns don’t run the risk of hard bounces. In turn, you can obtain a more targeted list of leads interested in your products and services.


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