Why subscribers don’t like email blasts services?

🤯 Email Blasts Are Unexpected

Email blasts are different from action-based, which people on your mailing list expect to receive from time to time.

Blast emails are unexpected and can breed natural resistance from the recipients. Therefore, People get hundreds of emails every day, so if they have something they don’t expect to see, they automatically delete the email.👎

📝Email Blasts Are Unsegmented

When sending email blasts, most companies use entire mailing lists without putting the recipients in given segments. They fail to recognize the differences existing among subscribers. Therefore, they fail to target the recipients’ personal needs and interests.

Companies can modernize e-blasts by seeking to serve the individual needs of members of the audience.

👤 Email Blasts Are Not Personalized

Who doesn’t love to read a message that personally speaks to them?

Since they’re crafted as mass messages, email blasts lack personalization features such as the recipient’s name. Such emails end up feeling disengaged from the recipients. Therefore, they’re likely to have low open and engagement rates.😢

☝️ Email blasts are not dead and are still the most secure form of communication globally. There are better ways to do email blasts with new email providers to reach your goals.

❓How to Do an Email Blast Correctly?

Companies are still using email blasts in their promotional email marketing strategies to promote their product, discounts, etc. The results are brilliant because they are using email blasts the correct way.

If you are not a professional marketer, you can follow the steps in the next post to run a successful email blast successfully.🔥


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